Final version of sCorPiuS roadmap ready¡¡¡

The document can be found in the repository.

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This document discusses the application domain of CPS technologies applied in Manufacturing presenting a broad vision for their adoption and it describes the Research Priorities identified within the sCorPiuS roadmap needing further research initiatives



The Roadmap generation process has been conducted in tight connection with key industrial stakeholders in order to gather firsthand information regarding higher impact areas to address.


sCorPiuS specifically focuses on the role of Cyber-Physical Systems Technologies and does not propose a new vision for manufacturing as a whole.


The sCorPiuS project conducted its activities in tight connection with industrial experts and stakeholders through a number of interviews and validation events. sCorPius project team was also in touch with similar initiatives (CSA, projects, working group) in order to share its vision and validate its main results